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Black Fidget Spinner, Anodized Aluminum - Made in USA

Black Fidget Spinner, Anodized Aluminum - Made in USA

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R188 bearings are now available!!!!

 This spinner's soft radiuses and small chamfers may seem simple, but don't let it fool you-it satiates the restlessness of a complex mind. 

Machined and assembled in the United States, every spinner is inspected for flaws and put through a timed table spin before being available for purchase. Our minimalist black spinners average 1.5 to 2.5 minutes of spin time.

Note: Full ceramic bearings take some time to break in, as you use them the balls within the bearing continuously polish the outer and inner race. In time, this will give the bearing a more smooth feeling and a longer spin time. 

  • Body is precision CNC machined from Aluminum 6061-T6.
  • Plated with hard black anodize (Type III) for a durable and long lasting finish.
  • Bearing caps/buttons available in uncoated aluminum, anodized aluminum, or brass. Please select when adding to cart.
  • Bearings are available in steel, hybrid ceramic, and full ceramic. Each bearing is thoroughly cleaned of oil and contaminants before installation to maximize spin times.
  • 608 bearings are a slip fit into the spinner body and fastened with Loctite. The result is zero compression on the bearing, maintaining perfect integrity of the outer bearing race.
  • R188 bearings use an adapter that allows the bearing to be removed and replaced simply by unscrewing the adapter cap. This gives you the versatility of changing the bearings to fit your needs. (we also sell spinners without bearings upon request).

Please allow 2-3 days for processing

Weight: 50.5g. (1) Spinner includes: spinner body, bearing, 2 (1 set) bearing caps.

Video here (youtube)